July 26th, 2023 – Major site update! All links should now be clickable.

July 23rd, 2023 – Homepage updated. No more white screen!

July 10th, 2023 – Site first put online.


  • Put actual art on Art page.
  • Fanfiction landing page + specific coding for reader pages.
  • Pictures for Keyboards page (artisan collection?) + more elaboration.
  • Coding for Media Reviews page that makes it easy to navigate... and, of course, actual reviews.
  • Add a to-read/watch/play list? I have a lot of stuff I should get to, so a centralized place to put it could be nice.
  • Rename AUTISMBLAST link sidebar to something a little less silly... Or don't.
  • Shrines page and subsequent subpages.
  • Misc.: Make some stamps :).
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