Hi! I'm kind of quite bad at talking about myself, but I'll endeavor to do my best here. Firstly, I'm Hex! I'm a young adult and resident nerd/overthinker. As said on my main page, I have a lot of hobbies – art, writing, reading good books, building keyboards, sometimes knitting... Arguably more, but that's on account of me being the type to pick something up, become a little good at it, and then move onto something else when it catches my eye.

I have two cats named Clara and Ginger! Clara is a long-haired tortoiseshell and my first cat ever. She's named after Clara from Pathologic, on account of them both having stares that seem to go directly into your soul. I adopted her as a kitten. Ginger is a short-haired dilute tortoiseshell and is a few years older than Clara. She showed up as a non-microchipped stray and I took her in. I'm still working on having her warm up to people, as she's a bit of a scaredy-cat.

In terms of fandom stuff, I primarily write for (old lore) League of Legends, although I do write for other things – I just don't often finish them for one reason or another. I also try to write original fiction every now and then, but I find it difficult to share publicly due to it not being overly polished. You can read more about the things I like, fandom or not, on my Interests page.

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