starlit serendipity

Hello and welcome to my website! I'm very new to HTML/CSS, so please pardon any spaghetti code and/or magic smoke that you come across.

I hope to use this site as a general storage for my interests, hobbies, and thoughts – and also keep it a touch separate from my other presences on the web, although I think some crossover is inevitable. (And encouraged, if you're a friend of mine!)

And for those who aren't friends of mine, below is a quick rundown on who I am – although the majority of it will be relegated to the appropriate pages.

You can call me Hex! I've got more than a few hobbies: I draw, write, try my best to read a good book or two, build the occasional keyboard, knit once in a blue moon, all those sorts of things. You can check out all of that in more detail in the Hobbies sidebar. I suppose I can add webmastering to that list, too, but that seems kind of recursive to mention.

Enjoy your stay on my little corner of the Internet!

Here's a collection of graphics (blinkies, buttons, stamps, etc.) from around the web that I like. Scrolls!

A repeating gif of a black pixel art cat sleeping, then waking up. A repeating gif of an orange pixel art cat walking in from the right, becoming surprised, and bounding off. A repeating gif of a bipedal orange pixel art cat wearing overalls roller skating.

A button that says 'believe in the radical power of friendship' on a pastel rainbow background. A button that says 'EEVEE LOVE' on a desaturated tan background, with official pixel art of Eevee to the right. A button that says 'Autism Acceptance NOW!' on a dark purple background, with the autism infinity symbol to the left.

A blinkie that says 'bad website design!' in changing fonts on a rainbow background. A cursor is to the right of the text. A blinkie that says 'my computer never sleeps' on a lavender background. A pixel art computer monitor is to the left of the text. A blinkie that says 'I'm out of bed and I'm dressed... what more do you want?' on a bright tan background. A blinkie that says 'MY BACK HURTS!!!!' on a black background. A blinkie that says 'I heart Baking', with the heart being a heart shape, on a white background. A pixel art cookie is to the left of the text. A blinkie that says 'I love my cat' on a light pink background. To the left of the text is a blue pixel art cat, to the right is a scattering of small pixel art hearts. A blinkie that says 'Horses make me smile' on a yellow background. An image of a chestnut horse's face to the left of the text. A blinkie that says 'I GAZE AT STARS' on a black background. A series of blinking stars are to the right of the text. A blinkie that says 'The Phantom of the Opera' on a black background. To the left of the text is a rose, to the right is the Phantom's mask from musical promotional material.

A stamp that has the acronym 'U.N.C.L.E.' scrolling from right to left on a yellow background. A stamp with the splash arts of Caitlyn and Viktor from League of Legends, with an X between them. A stamp with Janna's splash art from League of Legends. Text at the bottom right says 'Janna'.

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